Are you new to the Market?  Do you find yourself wondering the difference between the Stock Market, Bear Market, and Bull Market, and questioning which one you should put your money in?  Market Noob is the place to get your fundamental education on the Market and how to get started in online trading.

Our goal is to help you learn enough about online trading in the stock market so you can grow your money!  While we do not recommend what specific investments you should purchase or when, we hope to provide you with enough basic information and additional resources that you will have the tools necessary to make educated decisions.

Our content is focused on new investors who do not have a financial background or thorough understanding of trading and the stock market.  Below is an overview of the content you will find on the menu bar at the top of this page.

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  • Introduction – a simple one page overview of how to get started with trading in the stock market.
  • What’s New – a constantly updated list of new content added to the site.
  • Investing (coming soon!) – content focused around building a portfolio of longer term investments, a great resource to use to determine “what” you should do.
  • Trading (coming soon!) – content focused on the activities of making trades and managing positions, this resource is used to explain “how” to trade.
  • Terms – a complete list of information published on this site organized by category.
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